An innovative healing center helping high achievers in Silicon Valley achieve success in relationships by working on the most important relationship first:

The relationship with the Self. 

On April 14 and 15,  we will be holding the deep healing space for a women's intensive for women survivors of sexual abuse. If you or a woman you know has experienced sexual abuse and you are ready to take your healing from the effects of having been abused to a whole new level, then we invite you to come sit in circle with us.

You have worked hard to get to where you are in life. You have gone to school, gotten your degree, and find yourself successful in every area of life. Still, you feel like something is missing...

You find difficulty with relationships and don’t understand why. You are tired of feeling heartbroken, and as though something is wrong with you.

You are searching for a deeper understanding, a deeper sense of yourself, and you are having a hard time finding it on your own.

You are ready to embark upon a journey deep into yourself for answers.

You are ready to heal.

Together we will dive deep into the depths of who you are, where your relationship blocks come from, and work towards clearing those blocks, helping you heal your old relationship wounds and patterns, creating space for success in relationships.

You deserve to be happy.

You deserve to love and be loved.

You deserve to experience healthy, successful relationships.

It is your Divine birthright. 

If you are ready to let your deep healing journey begin, click here to schedule your free initial consultation today.

You deserve the best you can give yourself. You are worth it. 


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