Healing for Adult Women Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Registrations Open for Fall Women's Healing Together Weekend Intensive
Dates of next intensive: TBA

Childhood sexual abuse can have a significant impact on our lives as adult women. We may feel like we are not good enough, not worthy enough and that nobody truly loves us. We may shy away from sex, or oppositely, we may start to use sex and our bodies as a way to try and win people's love. We may feel triggered when certain people or situations cross our paths. We may feel like victims and that life was unfair. We may feel like different parts of our lives have been impacted in a negative way. 

Although the sexual abuse or molestation you experienced as a child was not okay, there is hope for you as an adult woman. You are a survivor. If you have been impacted by the effects of childhood sexual abuse, and are ready to take your healing to the next level, our Women Healing Together weekend intensives are for you.

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You do not have to suffer. You do not have to live with pain. You do not have to live in fear. There is hope. You can live free from the bondage of the past.

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